Knowledge Transfer (online survey 2017)

Title Person mainly responsible Keywords Link
African Diaspora Engagement & African Literary Evenings for the Viennese Public Bodomo, Adams Africa; Diaspora; Engagement; Language; Literatures  Description
Bon-Research at the University of Vienna Klimburg-Salter, Deborah Performance; popular sciences  Description
Detoxing Narratives: Telling Other Stories in Different Ways Krause, Sabine Narrative; Detoxing; Workshops  Description
Do You Pay Your Taxes – And If Yes, Why? Kirchler, Erich    Description
Ethical Questions Related to Reproduction Medicine Körtner, Ulrich    Description
EU project IMPALA: Improving Infrastructures for leisure-time physical Activity in the local Arena Kolb, Michael Health enhancing physical Activity; Infrastructures for leisure-time physical activities Description
Himalaya Archive Vienna (HAV) Gaenszle, Martin FAIR-Data-Principles; Open Research Data  Description
IQM-HE Internal Quality Management in Higher Education Klug, Julia Internal Quality Management; Higher Education; European Toolkit  Description
Jean Monnet Chair of European Media Governance and Integration Sarikakis, Katharine European integration; media governance; awareness of the role of the EU; European citizenry  Description
Place of Remembrance of Nazi Forced Labor Rathkolb, Oliver    Description
Promoting physical Activity for Children in outdoor Areas in educational Settings Diketmüller, Rosa Learnscape; Gender Relations Description
tMAIL Project - Teacher Mobile Application for Innovative Learning Klug, Julia Self-regulated Learning; Mobile Application; Teacher Education  Description