Social and Societal Transfer (2020/21)

TitlePerson mainly responsibleKeywordsLink
Compass – orientating you towards your best international mobility choiceLesk, Susannestudent mobility; student's decision making; mentoring; needs analysis; orientation phaseDescription
Establishing common research protocols between professional and citizen scientists for biodiversity researchAlbano, Paolo G.Taxonomy; biodiversity; shell collecting; Mediterranean SeaDescription
Impact of the pandemic on people and societies from a qualitative as well as quantitative perspectivePrainsack, Barbarasolidarity; pandemics; surveys; interviewsDescription
LimnoPlastPahl, Sabineplastic pollution; microplastics; psychology; behaviour changeDescription
Making “unlimited holidays” work at INGKühnel, Janaunlimited holidays; unlimited paid-time off; autonomy; employee well-beingDescription
PHERECLOSFinsterwald, MonikaOpen Schooling; Science Capital; Children's Universities; Implementation scienceDescription
Preventing Plastic PollutionPahl, Sabineplastic pollution; microplastics; education; agriculture; fisheries; tourismDescription
Refugee Education Initiatives 2Sarikakis, Katharinerefugees; migration; inclusion through higher education; human rights; the university as communicative spaceDescription
UNEP stocktakingPahl, Sabineplastic pollution; microplastics; holistic; systems approach; solutionsDescription
Vienna Anthropocene NetworkHorn, EvaAnthropocene; climate change; Earth System; natural sciences; humanitiesDescription