Die Lifelong Learning Universität der Zukunft

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Brandt, L., Holzer, J., Schober, B., Somoza, V., & Spiel, C. (2018). Die systematische Verankerung der Third Mission an Hochschulen – Der motivationspsychologische Ansatz der Universität Wien [Systematic implementation of the Third Mission at universities – the motivational-psychological approach of the University of Vienna]. In K. Resch, E. Gornik & N. Tomaschek (Eds.), Die Lifelong Learning Universität der Zukunft. Institutionelle Standpunkte aus der wissenschaftlichen Weiterbildung. Waxmann Verlag.

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Brandt, L., Schober, B., Schultes, M., Somoza, V., & Spiel, C. (2018). Supporting Third Mission activities at Universities: Deans' opinions and recommendations. Zeitschrift Für Hochschulentwicklung, 13(2), 21-40. doi:10.3217/zfhe-13-02/02

Universities are increasingly required to address societal challenges in teaching and research as their third mission (TM). We took an educational-psychological approach to assessing parameters which support university members in setting goals and taking action for TM activities. For that purpose, we conducted semi-structured qualitative interviews with the deans of all 19 faculties at the University of Vienna assessing opinions and recommendations related to the TM. In addition, we conducted interviews with 23 TM actors and a university-wide online survey to capture current TM activities. Key requirements for implementing the TM were improved visibility and explicit appreciation of related activities.

Conference in Barcelona September 22, 2017

Universities' Social Responsibility

The 1st European USR-Conference focuses on strategic perspectives on universities' social responsibility (USR), reporting and accounting on USR as well as good USR practices, including three contributions from Austria.


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Keynote at the "Erasmus+ Day", 10.05.2017

Education beyond teaching: Third mission of universities

Erasmus is well known for students' mobility and its contribution to the European idea. Less known is the fact that under the label Erasmus+ the European Commission is an important promoter of international cooperation for many different educational projects: For instance the development of new curricula, learning and teaching materials and the modernization of higher education infrastructure and systems. But there are also programs to promote the European idea and help refugees to continue their education, especially at the university level.

Many of these things are now also known as the Third Mission of Universities and this evening should celebrate the Erasmus idea but also discuss critically the role of Universities and their societal responsibilities.

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