Knowledge Transfer (online survey 2020/21)

TitlePerson mainly responsibleKeywordsLink
African Diaspora Engagement &
African Literary Evenings for the Viennese Public
Bodomo, AdamsAfrica; diaspora; engagement; language; literaturesDescription
Developing guidelines and recommendations to allow policies to better adress the migration patterns associated with climate changeBorderon, Marionsustainability; migration policy; climate changeDescription
Innocent until proven guilty: the importance of respecting human rights in reportingSarikakis, Katherinepresumption of innocence; reporting on accused; ethical codesDescription
Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence FREuDeSarikakis, KatherineEuropean integration; children; disinformation; informational rightsDescription
LLOM – Language Learning Online in the age of MobilityLesk, Susannemobile assisted language learning; crowd-sourced approach; task-based learningDescription
Prenatal auditory learningKleindorfer, Soniafemale song; prenatal auditory learning; developmental biology; communication; vocal learningDescription
Saving Darwin's finches from extinction on the Galapagos IslandsKleindorfer, SoniaGalapagos; introduced parasite; Philornis downsi; biodiversity crisis; extinctionDescription
Translation in the digital eraCiobanu, Dragosmachine translation; speech technologies; translation; revision; machine translation post-editingDescription
Valuing meteorological services in resource-constrained settings: Application to smallholder farmers in the Peruvian AltiplanoBrausmann, Alexandraclimate services; climate change; adaptation; quinoa farmingDescription