Social and Societal Transfer (online survey 2017)

Title Person mainly responsible Keywords Link
APP Helps Seriously Ill Children Hlavacs, Helmut    Description
Children and Adolescents with Caring Responsibilities Mayer, Hanna    Description
Design of urban/setting related exterior Spaces for Exercise and Mobility  Diketmüller, Rosa Training of elderly People; open Spaces; activation Description
Higher Education programmes for people of refugee status in Europe at the University of Vienna Sarikakis, Katharine social integration through higher education; refugees and asylum seekers; open university  Description
INEDIS - Inclusion in Education for Persons with Disabilities Biewer, Gottfried development cooperation; inclusion; education of people with disabilities; poverty reduction  Description
Kabul Museum Projekt Klimburg-Salter, Deborah Cultural Heritage Preservation; Capacity Building  Description
Limits and Opportunities of Multilingualism Vetter, Eva    Description
PASEO: Building Policy Capacities for Health Promotion through physical Activity among sedentary older People  Kolb, Michael Physical Activity among elderly People; Plan of Action; Health in all Policies Description
Science4People project Cardelli, Chiara Science dissemination; green experiments; knowledge transfer  Description
Sexualized Violence in Sport Diketmüller, Rosa Sexualized Violence in Sport; Prevention; Politics Description
Training programme in archaeological conservation, archaeological documentation, museum management and museum education Luciani, Marta Archaeological and Conservation Training; Women Capacity building; empowering professional in Near Eastern countries  Description