Social and Societal Transfer

Title Person mainly responsible Keywords Link
APP Helps Seriously Ill Children Hlavacs, Helmut    Description
Children and Adolescents with Caring Responsibilities Mayer, Hanna    Description
Design of urban/setting related exterior Spaces for Exercise and Mobility  Diketmüller, Rosa Training of elderly People; open Spaces; activation Description
Higher Education programmes for people of refugee status in Europe at the University of Vienna Sarikakis, Katharine social integration through higher education; refugees and asylum seekers; open university  Description
INEDIS - Inclusion in Education for Persons with Disabilities Biewer, Gottfried development cooperation; inclusion; education of people with disabilities; poverty reduction  Description
Kabul Museum Projekt Klimburg-Salter, Deborah Cultural Heritage Preservation; Capacity Building  Description
Limits and Opportunities of Multilingualism Vetter, Eva    Description
PASEO: Building Policy Capacities for Health Promotion through physical Activity among sedentary older People  Kolb, Michael Physical Activity among elderly People; Plan of Action; Health in all Policies Description
Science4People project Cardelli, Chiara Science dissemination; green experiments; knowledge transfer  Description
Sexualized Violence in Sport Diketmüller, Rosa Sexualized Violence in Sport; Prevention; Politics Description
Training programme in archaeological conservation, archaeological documentation, museum management and museum education Luciani, Marta Archaeological and Conservation Training; Women Capacity building; empowering professional in Near Eastern countries  Description