1. project report

First interim project report

At large universities such as the University of Vienna, multiple activities directly relevant to the Third Mission are ongoing. However, such activities are frequently not systematically documented and insufficiently interconnected. Against this backdrop, the project “Third Mission of the University of Vienna” was commissioned by the rectorate (project term: March 2016 – February 2018). The starting point was a clear commitment of the University of Vienna to the Third Mission in the Development Plan 2020.

The first interim project report is available here: Zwischenbericht 2016 (Executive summary available in English)


Overcoming the ivory tower: Transfer and societal responsibility as crucial aspects of the Bildung-Psychology approach

Barbara Schober, Laura Brandt, Marlene Kollmayer & Christiane Spiel

Abstract: Strong evidence indicates the importance of successful education for individuals as well as for society as a whole; however, evidence-based knowledge from educational psychology is frequently not (successfully) transferred to decision-makers and practitioners. Besides, there is an increasing demand for transfer of academic knowledge in general to help resolve diverse societal challenges – codified as the obligation of universities to perform a Third Mission. This paper aims to demonstrate Bildung-Psychology’s contribution to successful knowledge transfer. Two examples from Bildung-Psychology illustrate how teaching and research activities can contribute to fulfilling universities’ Third Mission. By localizing these activities within the structure model of Bildung-Psychology, we aim to depict how this framework may serve as a role model for other scientific fields to build a firm basis for successful transfer.

Full text available from: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/17405629.2016.1231061